Global Import and Export

Based on the E-commerce



We are exporting Italian premium goods over the world.

Based on the mobile and e-commerce, We are establishing the logistic system which provide the customer the goods with better price and quality.

Entrum s.r.l. is located in Milano, Italy. Through Malpensa Airport and Genova Seaport, we are exporting the competitive goods into the world.




Trendleader (Republic of Korea)


Veronica Bae

If you have any question about excavation and exporting goods, searching buyers, please contact us.

If you have the brand goods for sale, With our company you can create the profit and vision.

If you want to buy the Italian goods which you've seen, Please don't hesitate to call us.

Purchasing / Delivery agent services

- systematic logistics and reasonalbe price-


We are ready to work as your purchasing / delivery agent in Italy.


  • operating our own warehouse.
  • various channel of purchsing goods.
  • reasonable commission.
  • realiable authentic goods.